Sunday, September 4, 2011

Update on Dr. Crouch's Health

Dr. Paul Crouch is doing much better today. Can you imagine! He is 77 years old and works fulltime. He's in the studio every day and just doesn't slow down. His passion is TBN, and fulfilling the call of God on his life. So much so, that he needed to slow down just a tad! He's taken a few days to rest, and build up his strength. Thank you for the hundreds of well wishes that people have been leaving for Dr. Crouch on his Facebook page, and his blogs. ALL these comments will be printed out for him. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!


  1. Hello Dr. Crouch:-). I am SOOO glad to hear that you are doing better. I grew up watching TBN because my mom wouldn't let us have cable:-). At the suggestion of someone on your ministry team, I am leaving you a link with my testimony of how God's favor landed me in a featured article in USA TODAY for 3 days straight:-). Of course I had to pass Satan's "counterfeit" test first. Here's the link:

    I hope that this blesses you. TBN and my beautiful mother Martha Green, who went to heaven when I was 14, have trained up this child of God in the way that I should go, and I will NOT depart:-)!

  2. Often I don't have the words to describe what TBN has done for my life... I want y'all to know how much this household appreciates the gospel being brought to us over the airwaves .... By the faithfulness, humbleness and obedience of Paul and Jan Crouch .... Many blessings to the Crouch family. I am a single mother of two teenage girls that are still at home, one grown and have two grandchildren... I've been through much in my life but not as much as some and God has delivered me out of many many trials, it is a brief testimony, okay maybe not a testimony but just my current status, but your wall does not have enough room for me to say the things I want to say of my 30 year journey. God bless everyone at TBN.... From one of your faithful viewers and contributor.

  3. Alana McCoy's testimony of what God did for her son. Thanks for share this with us Alana. Paul Crouch and the TBN family appreciate you.

    I would like to share with you the miracle God has performed in my 3 year old son. Since he was born, he has been a difficult child. He cried constantly and never wanted to go to sleep and when he finally did two hours later he would wake up screaming and crying and could not be consoled sometimes for as long as a hour. As he got older his behavior got worse, he would not listen to anyone and if he got mad he would start banging his head against things. By the time he was three hardly no one wanted to watch him for me. He could barely say 10 words and liked to rock back and forth. He would stand in front of the TV. and rock side to side, then start hitting the TV all day long. We would yell his name for him to stop and he would act like he couldn’t hear us. He would not listen to his speech therapist to the point I had to get one who was skilled in difficult children, and I called a child psychiatrist. After a couple visit’s the doctor said that he had several things and possibly other things and that he would probably have to be medicated for school. I was very devastated and so defeated that night I cried out to God and told him that I couldn’t deal with this and that here was the time when he carried me because I couldn’t stand. But my God did more than that, many people before that day had been praying for my son, and God answered our prayers. The next day he was like a different child, he was playing with toys, keeping his clothes on and not standing in front of the TV and hitting it. That next Monday we went to speech and got a good report saying how good he was and he was even repeating words after her. . This was a miracle, every one had noticed how different he was. Now 3 years later there is so much more peace around the house and we are not all stressed out. .Nothing but the power of God could of changed this boy in such a small amount of time, I have never been back to the psychiatrist and glory to God never will because I know that God has healed my son. He is in kindergarten now and doing great. God is so good.